IOS 8 for Developers

Anybody there with an idea on how to downgrade from IOS 8 beta version for developers to IOS 7? I am having problem running few of my important apps due to incessant crashing.

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Website Developing Software

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In case you know any latest website developing software that you have used and it’s really working you can share this with those browsing our website so that this can be helpful to them. Let us know what software you have used lately to develop your website. Thanks for sharing this with our customers.

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Risk of Internet on Children

This is jet age so they say and through internet the whole world has become a global village. Is there any risk in exposing our little children to internet at a very tender age? If yes what are these risks? But if no what are the advantages and at what age should we expose them to the world of internet? Please share your view with us.

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